Alterations provide each client with the means to look their best. Garments  are pinned to your specifications.  Hems are done with your stature in mind, so the proportions are more flattering. When your garments fit correctly ,  you will look better and your confidence will increase.

Alterations available include, but are not limited to:

- Hems - including pants, dresses, bridal gowns,  coats, gowns, lined garments,         sleeves on suit jackets, growth tuck hems available for children.

- Taking in  garments

- Letting out garments

- Zipper replacement - sorry not in leather jackets

- Lining replacement

- Adding a bustle

- Replacing elastic

- Shortening straps

                                                  Vicki Marbacher
                                                   1 Scamman Road            
                                                   Stratham, New Hampshire 03885