Look in the back of your closet - there  is your wedding gown, your mother's wedding gown, your grandmother's fur coat. Wouldn't it be great to reuse them, so you can enjoy them again?
When refashioning wedding gowns, I try to retain some of the original design elements in the new design.

Look in that bottom dresser drawer - your child's T-shirts from sports, camps, vacations. They don't fit anymore - but they are full of memories.

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Turn your wedding gown  . . . . . into throw pillows for you and your children.

or turn your mother's wedding gown . . . . . a christening gown or christening                                                                             cape for grandchildren.

or turn those T-shirts . . . . . into a throw or pillows  

or turn your grandmother's fur coat . . . . . into a teddy bear

Vicki Marbacher
1 Scamman Road            
Stratham, New Hampshire 03885