I believe that joining our ideas together we can create clothing or home decor  that will show your personal style.

I am Vicki Marbacher, owner of All Stitched Up. My business includes custom home decor, custom garments, alterations, and turning your memorable clothing into a new memento.

I have been sewing since the age of seven - when I started on doll clothes and continued through college.There I had the good fortune to take tailoring and dress design. I enjoyed the opportunity to sew a medieval costume(much more fun than a term paper) and completed an independent study by tailoring a man's suit. My education has continued since then with sewing conferences where there is always a new technique to learn or a new fabric to explore.

Custom home decor can change the look of a room - to express your tastes and make it your home. Whether  you need new window coverings, new cushions for a chair, or even throw pillows to try adding a new color to the room  - I can custom sew it for you.

Custom sewn garments will fit you perfectly. - not  like the garments off the rack that are too big here or too long,  Also you can choose the fabric.

All alterations are pinned so that the garment fits you. It is a pleasure to wear garments that fit well.

If you have a wedding gown that you wore, but no one else will be able to  wear, I can reconstruct it into a christening gown, christening cape, or pillows as mementos. T-shirts that your children gathered from sport teams, summer camps, or vacations can become a throw, or pillows.

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Vicki Marbacher
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